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Caring for Your Family After You

Allowing your family to remember you at your best and treasure your legacy.

Wills & Estates Lawyer in Lethbridge

Making a will is of vital importance during your lifetime. To provide for your loved ones and protect your estate with clear, legally valid instructions, you need an experienced lawyer to assist you. It would seem like a will is a straightforward legal process requiring little assistance, but unfortunately, sometimes matters related to wills are not as simple as they seem. David A. Popovitch can help you with:


Powers of attorney

Personal directives

Administration of estates

Adult guardianship/trusteeship applications

Estate mediation

Estate litigation

Probate is the legal process by which the court confirms the validity of a will and the authority of the executor, but with some proper advance planning, your will may not need to submit to the probate process. Where there is no will, we can assist you with the application for the appointment of an administrator to handle the estate. Trust our decades of experience to make sure that things go as smoothly as possible in matters of your will and the estate of a family member. Schedule your consultation today.


Legal guidance for personal family matters.


Real estate transactions of all types.

general litigation

Proudly serving Lethbridge since 1994.

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