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Facilitating your real estate transactions

Whether you are investing in your first home or would like to sell a commercial space, we will ensure you make the right move.

Real Estate Lawyer in Lethbridge

Buying or selling a home, commercial property, land, or other real estate carries certain legal duties and responsibilities and may even present hidden legal obstacles, such as an encumbered title. Let our Lethbridge law firm help you through these issues and make sure that your property transaction is brought to a successful conclusion. Our office can assist you with:

Selling your existing home or property

Buying a new home or investment rental property

Refinancing your property

New construction financing

Commercial financing

We can handle any surprises or uncertainties in the process and ensure that your interests are protected. To make sure that routine real estate transactions proceed smoothly or to take care of any legal bumps in the road that may crop up, call David A. Popovitch Law Office.


Legal guidance for personal family matters.


Take steps to protect your family’s future.


Proudly serving Lethbridge since 1994.

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