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Legal Help for Your Family

We will work with you to provide a clear strategy to facilitate the ideal outcome for you and your family.

Family Law & Divorce Lawyer in Lethbridge

A separation or divorce is among the most stressful situations that a family can undergo. The emotional upheaval can be devastating, and every divorce or separation is unique. If you’re enduring these difficult circumstances, you need an advocate with common sense who understands all the legal issues in your individual case and can make sound recommendations for a course of action that will benefit you and your family the most.

In general, it is our belief that a good divorce lawyer is one who helps clients resolve their issues reasonably and efficiently so that they can move forward with their lives as smoothly as possible. This is always our goal in matters of family law. There is no substitute for sitting down in person with your prospective lawyer and talking through your situation. We strive to protect you and your family, resolve conflicts, and ultimately clear the path for your life to move forward. Some of the issues that arise in separation and divorce are:

Child support

Parenting plans

Spousal support

Support variation

Matrimonial property division

Prenuptial agreements


Child custody and access

In addition, there are rules applying to common law separation and cohabitating couples that can bring up issues for these couples. Let David A. Popovitch Law Office walk you through your legal options and the procedures necessary to make certain that everything is done to ensure your family’s stability and security.


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